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As you may have noticed, we have redesigned our website. Let us know how you like it and what features you would like to see in the site.

Safelink now offers low cost local and long distance telephone service. Find out how Safelink can save you 30 - 70% on your telephone bill.

Safelink for Your Home

For home and home office users, Safelink provides the best internet services available. We understand how important it is to you that your family be kept safe while online. That's why our network is engineered using industry standard security measures and our email servers employ the best filtering available--keeping you safe from unwanted spam, viruses, and other threats. Safelink is not only Idaho's fastest internet, it is Idaho's safest internet.

High Speed Wireless

High Speed Wireless

Perfect for everything from casual internet browsing to video chat to gaming, our high speed wireless connections are just what you need to stay connected to your life. By bypassing the miles and miles of cable of most internet providers and instead beaming the internet straight to you through Idaho's clear, clean air, you know you are getting the best connection available.

Voice Over IP

Voice Over IP (VOIP) Telephone

In today's digital world, why are you stuck with normal telephone service? Upgrade to Safelink's internet based telephone service. It works just like your old telephone but saves you money and gives you more features than you can imagine. You can even keep your old telephone number.

Data Backup

Personal Data Backup

Just like the heirlooms you keep in your home, your computer is full of priceless data in the form of digital photos, emails, and documents. That is why Safelink Internet offers commercial grade remote backup services for your home. Your data is automatically backed up and securely stored offsite, ready for you should you ever need to restore it.

56k Dialup

56k Dialup

Even a decade after first offering our reliable 56k dialup service, Safelink continues to provide our customers with reliable, inexpensive, local dialup internet access.