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Safelink News

As you may have noticed, we have redesigned our website. Let us know how you like it and what features you would like to see in the site.

Safelink now offers low cost local and long distance telephone service. Find out how Safelink can save you 30 - 70% on your telephone bill.

High Speed Wireless

Blazing fast download and upload speeds. Great for businesses, families, gamers or anyone else!

Reliable 56k Dialup

Low cost, dependable 56k dialup service from Idaho's established internet service leader.

Telephone Services

Huge savings on local and long distance from the same company you trust for your internet!

Remote Data Backup

Protect your personal and business data with our automated remote backup services.

Web Design & Hosting

Get your business online with locally provided professional design and hosting services.

Why Safelink Internet?

Safelink Internet has become south central Idaho’s premiere Internet Service Provider, but its no accident. With huge amounts of bandwidth and advanced networking, Safelink is faster. With email spam and virus filtering, Safelink is Idaho’s safest Internet. And with a cutting edge wireless network, Safelink makes high speed internet available to more people. Try Safelink and find out for yourself why we are Idaho's best internet provider.